"You really have named your business appropriately, three times now you have pulled us out of tricky situations.  It is becoming increasingly rare to find a tradesman with your level of skill and knowledge, your customer service is exemplary and an added bonus is that your rates are reasonable and are in no way indicative of the dedication which you bring to the job.    You are polite, timely and a true gem, we are delighted to have found you and would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends.   Please do not hesitate to give my email address to any future clients who may require a reference."

Once again thank you. 

Sue Roberts
Le Manoir d' Hérouville,
14490 Litteau,

Mayday Services Normandie

What Our Customer's Say!

" ...the chimney is working well thanks to your efforts..........."
Mr.M.D. East Sussex
(Property in Normandy).

"Many thanks for the excellent service. The stove makes such a difference to warming the house....."
Mr.M.L. (Dept 50).

"Thanks for doing such a great job at Le Moulin, Excellent job.........."
Mr.R.V. Warwickshire
(Property in Normandy).

"...Thanks again for a brilliant job."
M.et Mme.P. (Dept 14).

Copies of originals availabe for veiwing.

Tel: 02 33 90 60 79

Siret Number: 512 760 281 00018